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Aerial Photography for Estate Agents

Aerial photography and videography of a property using a drone for marketing in Sunderland. Aerial photo used for marketing material by Paul Airey estate agent

Aerial photography is a fantastic way to develop a business.  We will be explaining some of our top tips that will help you when shooting aerial photography for estate agents.

Aerial photography and videography of a property using a drone for marketing in Sunderland. Aerial photo used for marketing material by Paul Airey estate agent

Aerial photography for business

Aerial photography isn’t just to capture images to upload to your Facebook or Instagram account.  Don’t get me wrong, it is a fantastic tool to do this, and we do it a lot as it’s a great way to grow your social media presence.  However, businesses can really benefit from aerial photography and today, we are going to focus on Estate Agents.

Aerial Photography for Estate Agents

Before drones came along, estate agents had the option of using a pole with a camera on, ladder at the edge of the garden or any other creative way they could find to showcase the best angles of a property.  Now, everything has changed as even drones at the lower end of the price scale can produce high quality images.

If you are a new drone business, estate agents are probably the best starting point for you.  Why? Because every property that they sell, must be photographed.  Aerial photography and aerial videography work great for estate agent’s and their clients. 

Aerial photography won’t work on every property that goes on the market.  However, some of their larger properties really do benefit from using a drone to capture the size of the house and the land.  Before drones were so easily accessible, this would have been very difficult to achieve.

It doesn’t always have to be a large property with a big garden for your aerial photography job.  Some properties have tight gardens and it can be difficult for the estate agent to achieve the desired photo.

Aerial Photography for Estate Agents
Aerial Photography for Estate Agents South Shields

Do you have a PfCO?

To be able to operate legally and carry out commercial work for an estate agent, you must have a PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations) and ensure you have the correct public liability insurance.  If the answer to this question is no, you should not be taking on any commercial work.

OK! You have been hired, what now?

It isn’t as easy as just setting up your drone and taking an aerial photograph of the property, you must plan your shots carefully and think about what it is you’re trying to achieve.  I am not going to discuss the risk assessment and procedures you should be doing as this will be outline by you in your operations manual and I will cover this in a separate post.

Here are my top tips that will help you achieve excellent results  

  1. Check the weather. We use an app called UAV Forecast and try and schedule your aerial photography shoot with the best conditions


  1. Which way does the house face? This is important as sunlight can really affect the outcome of your photos.  If it’s possible, we sometimes photograph the house at different times of the day


  1. Use manual settings. Although the technology is drones are outstanding, I still prefer to use manual setting as this will give you full control over your photo.  Make sure you set your exposure correctly and use a low ISO to ensure the best quality.  I will be writing a whole post on camera settings as it is too big of a topic to cover here


  1. SHOOT IN RAW!! By shooting in RAW this will allow you to achieve a much better look in post-production


  1. Is the property in focus? By setting a higher aperture, this will ensure more of your photo is in focus


  1. Shutter Speed. The faster the shutter speed the less blur you will have on your photo.  This can be very useful if the wind picks up during your aerial photography shoot


  1. Have you levelled your horizon? I see so many photos where the horizon is at an angle. If you are unsure how to do this, follow a tutorial on YouTube.  Again, I will be covering this in a future post

How can light affect the aerial photo

In the photograph below, take a look at how the sun is affecting the shadows on the front of the house.  Unfortunately on this aerial photography shoot, we only had one opportunity to attend the house so we made the decision to take the photo at a time of day that best show the back of the house, with a slight shadow on the front.

Aerial Photography Sunderland

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